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You supply property information.

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Applicants fill in their data and pay the $40 application fee.

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We analyze the data and give applicants a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.

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Send approved tenants a customized lease, including E-Sign™.

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Completely free for landlords!

  • Your applicant pays the $40 application fee.
  • 100% online for streamlined workflow.
  • Generate a lease that’s automatically prefilled with your new tenant’s info.
  • E-Sign™ allows your tenants to sign online.
  • Stay compliant with all state and local laws.
  • See at a glance if your applicant got a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.
  • Credit and criminal reports compiled from national databases.

RentalExpress is the easiest, most user friendly tenant screening service available. Whether you have a few tenants to screen every couple years or if you’re screening multiple tenants a week, RentalExpress is the only solution to consider!

Billy Masters
RentalExpress user for over 9 years

As an independent landlord with only one rental property, RentalExpress is an invaluable service to screen tenants and assist with lease language. We’ve had three awesome tenants in the last seven years via screenings provided by RentalExpress.

Cindy Fields
RentalExpress user for over 8 years

We have recommended RentalExpress to many friends who are first starting out as landlords. It has provided us a safe way to allow tenants to fill out personal information, and given us the opportunity to make thresholds for what we will allow in a tenant and when we should keep looking.

Jennie Tis
RentalExpress user for over 9 years

It saves me time and allows for efficient property management. It would take me 10x the amount of time it takes to do all this, and the cost is passed on seamlessly to the applicants/tenants. I refer this service to all my contacts who are managing rental property.

Scott Saunders
RentalExpress user for over 2 years

I love the ease of service from the application process all the way to lease. As an owner you have the flexibility to change documents to fit what you need for the lease and rental criteria. They also update lease agreements for the local and state laws so you don’t have to.

Stephanie Slendebroek
RentalExpress user for over 2 years

I have been using RentalExpress to effectively and affordably screen applicants for my six rentals, produce the necessary applications, background checks, leases, and move-in, move-out checklists. I refer this service to all my contacts who are managing rental property.

Scott Saunders
RentalExpress user for over 2 years

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