Technology is improving in so many different areas and so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up half the time. Though it may be difficult to keep up with, renters crave the satisfaction that comes with living somewhere that is plugged in to the tech scene. And while it may not be possible (or practical) to install a drone landing pad at your property or give every unit an AI assistant, there are simple ways to make your property feel more tech savvy than it is.

Whether it’s software or hardware you’re dealing with, it’s hard to ignore the fact that we are living in the future. You don’t want to fall too far behind the trends in your property and while Smart Home innovations seem to be trends that are replaced quickly, there are plenty of switches you can make that will last. Here are some things that will satisfy renter’s taste for technology.

Locks Without Keys

The cool thing about keyless entry is that it feels futuristic. However, it also has a lot of advantages as well. It might feel strange at first to not have keys to hand out, but a tenant can’t lose a code or their fingerprint. This move will also eliminate the need for a locksmith when you turn the unit over—all you have to do is switch codes!

USB is a Need

We have just as many devices that require to be charged with a USB as we do with your traditional socket. Switch out your outlets to include a USB charger alongside a socket. It’s a small change that will make renters feel like your property is more tech-savvy.

Intelligent Detection

Get a smoke detector that alerts residents if and when there is a problem. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can notify residents of a problem whether they are home or away. Residents can choose whether they would like to know about problems by the typical chirp of an alarm or by text message. Smart alarms can also text residents or send a message straight to maintenance when the battery needs to be replaced.

Online Advantage

Moving information online is almost always a plus for renters. Not only does take you into the 21st century, but it saves time as well. Taking online applications also means that prospective tenants can apply any time, from any device. This means that your leads can apply the very moment they’re thinking about it, rather than possibly forgetting to later on.

Discover the Weather

A weather screen is an addition you can add that feels futuristic and is fun. It’s a small screen device that can be mounted on the wall and will tell your residents a plethora of weather related information. A weather screen goes beyond the temperature, but can also tell residents the humidity, dew point, time, barometric pressure, as well as when sunrise and sunset are.

From On-Site’s blog.