When you are looking for a good tenant, you are probably looking for a few specific traits that makes them appealing to you. Good tenants have good jobs, nice cars, no pets, and have never touched a drum set in their life. It’s possible that you have created the image of the perfect tenant for your rental property in your head before you’ve even had a prospective resident walk through the door.

It’s also possible that your perfect tenant doesn’t exist.

What you want is a good tenant. This is someone who pays rent consistently and on time and rarely complains. If you have a tenant like this, congratulations! Here’s how you can keep them:

Respect Their Privacy

A tenant has privacy rights in their rental. You as a landlord also have rights to inspect your property, but you need to make sure it is something that is scheduled at a time that is convenient for both you and your tenant. Your tenants will appreciate the courtesy and scheduled meetings can help build your landlord/tenant relationship.

Don’t Fight Over the Little Things

If a good tenant asks you send an exterminator to check for roaches—just send an exterminator. Don’t fight them on it; even if you had just had the property checked a few weeks before. If your tenant makes a request that may seem like a nuisance, but is ultimately a small issue, try to just work with them.

Be Responsive

When a tenant asks a question about whether they can switch the locks or add a small garden bed in the backyard, it’s best not to ignore them. Even if you aren’t sure about what to say yet, let them know you are thinking about it by telling them you’re taking it under consideration.

Don’t Delay Repairs

There is no better reminder of the things a tenant doesn’t like about a property than seeing a leaky faucet or a jammed screen door every morning. If your tenant places a repair request, it’s best to deal with it in a timely manner. A good tenant won’t resign a lease with a landlord that puts off maintenance.

Thank Them

Nothing is easier than thanking a someone for being a good tenant. When a tenant pays rent on time, shoot them an email saying, “I’ve received the payment, thanks for being on time.” This simple acknowledgment does two things for you: first, it makes your tenant feel like you appreciate them; second, it reinforces this behavior by showing your tenant that you are an attentive landlord.