With increasingly competitive markets, a renter’s decision between two properties sometimes comes down to the extra perks residents receive alongside signing. The average fitness center is no longer going to cut it in the current arms-race for renters. Some buildings now come equipped with maker’s rooms stocked with technological goodies and pet spas for your furry friends. With all this competition, how can you best market your best amenities?

The answer lies in the community within your property. Culture has become one of the largest selling points from workplaces to multifamily properties. Once you understand your community, marketing to prospective renters who will get along with them will become simpler.

Creators and Collaborators

A popular amenity for people of all ages are maker’s rooms. These rooms are work spaces for the work-from-home crowd where they can craft or work on projects in a homey work environment. By having one of these rooms, you can market your building to innovators which can inspire a community of creativity.

Pet Lovers

If your property allows pets, you might not have to work as hard on marketing since it’s been proven that pet owners are more likely to stay in an apartment twice as long as non-pet owners. However, if you’d like to bolster your pet-loving community while targeting pet owners with friendly animals, it’s a good idea to advertise pet spas or parks where there will be plenty of opportunities for pets to be in contact with one another.

Health Gurus

A well supplied gym is the best way to appeal to prospective residents who enjoy staying fit. However, we often forget that half of fitness is the way that we eat. Easy to clean counter tops or recently updated appliances are great features that help when marketing to tenants who tend to be more health-conscious.


Community may not be the first thing on students minds when they go apartment-hunting. For them, it’s all about location. If your property is close to a university and you would like to set yourself apart from others, offering secure bike parking is a great amenity to get ahead of the competition. If you want to go even further, you can offer bike rentals to students who may have been unable to bring their own to school with them.

While it is important to know the audience you are marketing for, it can become difficult to manage all of your advertisements. Simplify the process by using marketing tools like AdBlast that will help you generate and distribute targeted ads for the community you would like to see in your property.

From On-Site’s blog.