Brick is an ancient building material that has managed to never go out of style. Whether it is for construction or decoration, brick can do wonders for a building. In recent years, brick has been used more for its aesthetic appeal than for actual building material, which has positive and negative effects for a building.

When brick is used purely for its looks, it no longer serves a structural benefit. Brick is a heavy material, and that weight can cause safety concerns for bricklayers; and because of its weight, further safety precautions need to be taken on higher walls. The weight is not the only drawback from traditional brick; it is also an expensive material because of the process used to make it. Traditional brick also expands and contracts with the temperature, which leaves it at risk for mold.

Despite the many drawbacks, there are reasons we love brick facades. It gives an outdoor space a sophisticated appearance. It also has a large appeal for interior spaces. A space with exposed brick is a natural accent wall that can work with any design theme. Exposed brick became a must-have in the early 1990’s. It gives a space character by adding a warm, rustic charm. Exposed brick was once a feature that could only be found in older homes, but with its consistently growing popularity, some home developers have built it right into the design of a building. If your property does not already feature brick, it might be time to jump on the trend.

Luckily, there is now a way to add brick that is both cheaper and safer than traditional style bricks. Dryvit Systems has created NewBrick. These bricks are lighter than traditional bricks, which makes it easier for bricklayers to work with. It also has better insulation than traditional bricks, which can help cut costs for heating down. NewBricks also come in a variety of cuts, colors, and finishes so you can find the perfect fit for your property.

Brick is a style that has universal appeal because it combines traditional and modern styles in a room. Because of its versatility, you can get more leads through the door of your property with a brick feature. However, whether you want to use traditional brick or NewBrick is entirely up to you.