You may think that a bright wallpaper or thought-provoking lighting fixture might be a great way to draw in potential renters, but it can work against you more than for you. If a house has something that renters aren’t sure they love or hate, they’re not as likely to gamble that it will grow on them. With that said, here are some designs to avoid while setting up your rental home.


In general, it’s best to avoid wild paint jobs when showing a rental to prospective tenants. Neutrals are best for most surfaces while showing your property to tenants. If you allow your property to be painted, you can leave the creative designs to the renter. Most people don’t have the same design taste, so if you have something bold that would take work to remove, it might not be the best choice for your rental property.

Popcorn Ceilings

It might be easier to leave popcorn ceilings be—but you can add value to your rental by removing it. It might be a bit of an investment if you want it professionally removed, but people vastly prefer flat acoustic ceilings to popcorn ceilings. Making the switch will open your property to more renters. In general, popcorn ceilings are difficult to keep clean, accumulate cobwebs easily, and have ties to some of the harmful design trends of the past—like using asbestos in everything.

Avocado Kitchens

While you may like the retro look, your renters might not. The 1970’s style was in vogue for a hot minute in 2016, but it’s time to leave these in the past—again. Not only can these pieces of funky furniture turn tenants away aesthetically, but it may cause safety concerns. While retro can be fun to design with, ultimately, renters will be more concerned with function than form when it comes to appliances.