Spring is the time when the ice of winter melts away and flowers bloom in its place. The world becomes brighter and more beautiful during this time of year—and so should your property. Whether your property is rented out or not, getting some spring cleaning, or gardening, in is a good idea to appeal to residents, new and current.

Fresh Face

A great way to make the house look brighter without having to apply for a loan is a fresh coat of paint. And you don’t even need to paint the entire property. Choose one or two key features that will help brighten up the space. You can do this by adding an accent wall to a living or dining room, or by painting the trimming or the front door. The door is the first thing tenants see when they enter their rental home, make it a more positive experience by adding a splash of color.

Bowers of Flowers

Adding a pop of color doesn’t have to be restricted to paint. Planting some flowers in the front yard can add lasting value to the property. If there isn’t space for a yard, you can place ornamental pots full of spring flora by the entrance to the property. If you have perennials, you may be able to add more to your garden at no cost. By following this guide, you can learn how to divide your perennials which can help your overall landscaping, as well as help your plants grow. If you don’t have a flower that will work with that technique, check out this guide to see how you can make the most of plants you already have planted.

Multicolored Numerals

House numbers are an often-overlooked design feature. Most of the time, they disappear in the façade altogether. However, you can bring a bit of spring cheer to a fun set of house numbers. This will also help prospective tenants find your property with ease. Add a bit of character to your property using this free tutorial for a colorful set of house numbers. If you don’t feel like venturing out to include totally different colors, check out this color wheel that will help you find a group coordinating colors.

Beautiful Backdrops

Add some color into your kitchen or bathroom by installing a backsplash. Not all backsplashes have to be difficult to install; they don’t even need to be tile. Paper, fabric, and peg board designs can create unique accents to rooms. You can find more ideas here.

Spring is a time to step up your design game to catch renter’s eyes. Make sure you don’t lose prospective tenants by not putting your best foot forward this season.