Find qualified residents for your rental property.

Our online applications, background checks and electronic lease signatures are free to you.

Online Apps

Convert applicants to residents.

Renters get an intuitive online application that can be completed in a few quick steps without the hassle of creating an account. The data you collect exports seamlessly to your digital lease documents so you and your applicants don’t have to re-enter data from one form to the next.

Your applicant’s data is safe with us. Private information is encrypted using the same security standards that banks use to protect against identity theft.


Take the risk out of tenant selection.

By combining best in class data sources with easy to use technology, our Screening helps you fill vacancies faster than ever before with qualified renters. You get a simple thumbs up or thumbs down recommendation and an accompanying rental score with a breakdown that highlights any areas where applicants may fall short.

Certified Documents

Stay compliant with state and local laws.

Our team of legal experts is at your disposal when you use our Certified Documents. We’ll monitor any legal changes in your area and update your lease documents automatically for the next time you rent. You’ll never have to worry about outdated forms ever again.


Say goodbye to the paper chase.

E-Sign allows you and your applicants to go from invite to signed lease in a matter of minutes. Send out an email invite to your applicants and guarantors, which links to a secure online copy of their lease document and prompts them to sign. Completed documents are stored securely in the cloud so you can access them whenever, and wherever, you want.

I have been using RentalExpress to effectively and affordably screen applicants for my six rentals, produce the necessary applications, background checks, leases, and move-in, move-out checklists. It saves me time and allows for efficient property management. It would take me 10 times the amount of time it takes to do all this, and the cost is passed on seamlessly to the applicants/tenants.

Stephanie Slendebroek

RentalExpress user for over 2 years

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Everything is included in the application cost.

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